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Redfern Islamic Society

Redfern Islamic Society is one of the first Turkish mosques built in Australia. Located in Redfern, Sydney, it is most frequently visited by residents of the inner suburbs of Sydney. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1977 and is owned and managed by volunteers from the local Turkish Community. It is the second oldest Turkish mosque in Sydney.


Kur’an Kurs

2016 yaz tatilinde çocuklarımıza manevi değerlerimizi öğretmeye ne dersiniz.  Çocuklarımız camide hem öğrenecek hem de eğlenecekler. İslam’ın güzelliklerini yavrularımıza öğretmek için Camimizde bu yıl da Pazartesi, Salı, Çarşamba ve Perşembe…

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02 Mart

22 Cemaziye'l-Evvel 1437

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About Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam

The first half of the profession of faith, the shahadah, which Muslims recite very often in their prayers, reads, “There is no god but Allah.” This is a declaration of the belief in the absolute oneness of God. In the second half, it
declares, “And Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” Anyone who declares the shahadah is a Muslim, even if s/he does not observe other duties.

This is the first of the five pillars of Islam. The other four are the obligatory prayer five times a day; the giving of charity; fasting from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan; and the pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime for those who have the means to undertake the journey. These are the ritual obligations of Islam, each of which has an inner spiritual effect for the sincere ones: therefore, faith and sincerity are essential components of these acts. Additionally, Muslims make personal prayers known as dua.


All the donations made to the Redfern Islamic Society is 100% distributed directly to needs of the community.

About Islam

Who is Prophet Muhammed?

In 570 AD, a child was born to a noble family via the prophetic lineage of Ishmael, son of Abraham, in Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula. His name was Muhammad, “the praised one.” He was orphaned at an early age; hence he understood the plight of orphans and the underprivileged. Muhammad grew to be a young man with an outstanding character. God Almighty protected him from the evils of the Arab way of life such as drinking alcohol, fornicating, theft etc. He was known as al-Amin, the trustworthy, for people entrusted him with their valuables. Even before Islam, Muhammad was interested in the problems of his society and sought the establishment of virtue in the society, such as the prevention of injustices being perpetrated against foreign traders.

At the age of 40, he received his first revelation from Allah during the ninth month of the lunar calendar, Ramadan, delivered by the Archangel Gabriel. The first message revealed to him was, “Read/recite in the name of your Lord, Who created you!” Hence Islam, the way of life Muhammad was sent to teach, emphasized the acquisition and the dissemination of knowledge since its inception.

The Quran

The Qur’an is the sacred book of Muslims who believe its complete text came through revelation. Each word of it was revealed in Arabic by Allah (God) to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Archangel Gabriel over a span of twenty-three years in the 7th century. The revelation of the Qur’an began when the Prophet was forty years old. It consists of around 600 pages, 114 chapters, and 6,236 verses. The length of chapters varies with the longest chapter having 286 verses while the shortest one has only three. Given that the Prophet was an unlettered man, his early followers eagerly memorized and recorded each new revelation as it was revealed. By the time the Prophet passed away, the Qur’an had been completed and many had memorized its entirety.

Within two years after the death of the Prophet, the first caliph, Abu Bakr, compiled the Qur’an into a manuscript which became the basis for the authorized editions that were distributed to each Muslim province during the rule of Uthman, the third caliph.



Holy Month of Ramadan

A Month of Unity What makes Ramadan special to many Muslims is the emphasis on being together with the community. Iftar dinners are meant to be enjoyed in the company of others. Muslims break their fast in the company of not only their family and friends, but also people whom…

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